"Two years ago I went to Rachel for therapy and even today I’m enjoying the benefits of her guidance.
Through root analysis therapy she helped me to uncover painful memories, make peace with them and reframe them as valuable lessons.
My behaviour and limiting beliefs have definitely changed. If I find myself going back to my negative ways I remember my sessions with Rachel and stay in the present. Now I remember the lesson not the pain.
She has a gift and I’m grateful she took the time to use it to guide me to heal myself." 

"Rachel has been exceptionally supportive throughout all of my sessions. My life has improved with her kind guidance and knowledge within the past year of working with her. I personally feel much more energised, more enthusiastic and feel I now have a stronger mindset. Rachel is a true gem and made me realise my potential. I highly recommend Rachel for anyone struggling to cope on a day to day basis.
Thank you Rachel"

Counselling Testimonials

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"I was fortunate to get in touch during a difficult period in my career. I was settling into a new role and moving between Project roles and unfortunately was having a difficult time with a Line Mgr. Rachel offered really valuable advice and guidance and allowed me to see outside of my box and believe in my own ability. She helped me restore my confidence and also encouraged me to understand how I really fitted in and to raise my work levels and performance to take the pressure off myself. Rachel is a great listener and offered simple, rational and achievable advice to improve my performance and efficiency and move on. Without her support I probably would have decided to leave the Business which was the wrong path to take.. I owe Rachel for reigniting my confidence and encouraging me to meet the challenge head on.."