Counselling Services

​​Our approach to counselling is called Integrative, this type of approach encourages therapy and enables fullness through mental, physical and emotional health, are brought to their complete self.  Working on yourself is hard work and clients must be committed to dig deep into one self and be willing to open any challenges and/or current worries.  

TX Associates - Services  

Problem Solving

Once we understand the root causes, we will work within your business to design a series of counter-measures that will produce sustained results. We also recognise the power of using the knowledge within your business and will facilitate how this can be nurtured and developed to produce permanent solutions that will allow you to focus on going forward - rather than having to re-trace and re-fix

Business Coaching

We will work with business owners and executives to unlock potential, overcome barriers and achieve goals. In complete confidence, we can assist you to map out out an exciting and fresh approach to achieving new and improved levels of performance for your business

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reviews

​​Now that we have worked through what is impacting your KPI's and understand why - we will work within your business to monitor Key Performance Indicators and measure effectiveness. This is to ensure that sufficient rigour and pace is applied to the activities that will deliver you performance improvements and sustainability

Performance Improvements

We identify where performance gaps exist, why they exist - and will enable you to unearth the true root causes. Through the use of a number of tools, we will work closely with your business to seek out, previously hidden factors that will be impacting on your ability to deliver sustainable performance results


Other Services

​​Our vast experiences across wide spectrum of leadership in an operational environment can be drawn upon to support a variety of challenges that could be impacting on your business. HR issues, whether is be transactional, employee relations or support in working with trade unions is an area we cover. Safety management is also a complex area that we support you with:

Performance Management * Safety * General HR * Employee Relations * Kaizen Methods * Talent & Succession * Trade Union Partnerships * Team Development * Resourcing Excellence * Fleet Management *                             * Customer Service *