"Two years ago I went to Rachel for therapy and even today I’m enjoying the benefits of her guidance.
Through root analysis therapy she helped me to uncover painful memories, make peace with them and reframe them as valuable lessons.
My behaviour and limiting beliefs have definitely changed. If I find myself going back to my negative ways I remember my sessions with Rachel and stay in the present. Now I remember the lesson not the pain.
She has a gift and I’m grateful she took the time to use it to guide me to heal myself." 

Steve manages to balance disciplined focus on operational indicators, coaching and leadership skills and effective Director level influencing. All whilst being a respected people manager with high levels of employee engagement

Peter Shaw

Programme Manager

Mark James     Operations Manager

I spent 12 months working directly with Steve. His meticulous approach to his work was inspirational and demonstrated a drive which was "second to none". With a wide ranging skill set of of senior manager skills, extra attention was shown with people management and development of others. With the desire to "go the extra mile", Steve inspired me with a belief that I could deliver above and beyond my expectations….

James Radley

Head of Safety

Steve is a respected and successful senior operations manager with a mature approach to managing performance. He has a wealth of experience in leading large teams and achieving excellent business results through people. Steve's strengths include the ability to develop teams through his coaching skills and his ability to manage detail whilst maintaining a higher level strategic focus.

Steve is a highly respected and valued senior manager who excels at any job that he takes on. He is a role model that lives and breaths high standards and values. Steve is very confident and can adapt to any climate and situation to deliver results.

Whilst working with Steve, I found him to be courteous and professional. His approach to managing change was first class - always looking to move forward with employee buy-in.

TXAssociates - Business Consultants

Cheryl Smalldon

Six Sigma Practitioner

I worked with Steve over a number of years - particularly during a period of major business transformation. He is a very experienced senior operations manager with an ability to coach, engage and motivate teams to achieve best in class results. Steve has strong leadership skills and can focus, not only on detail, but also maintain a wider more strategic perspective.

Dave Warren

Freelance Consultant

Salim Omar

Chief Finance Officer