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Counselling Services

How I work

I am a Senior Executive working in a corporate company with many employees. As an Integrative Therapist, the day to day working experience keeps me in touch with challenges employees face both at work and home. My approach to therapy takes on different forms to suit the presenting challenge you may bring, delving into the root cause to establish what, how, when and why various concerns present themselves, establishing that understanding and being able to find acceptance which then leads you onto the pathway of resolution, in a way that suits your style. 

Integrative therapist

We offer Integrative therapy which means a variety of different psychological methods are used to look at what is going on for you, why it is happening, leading to understanding what is causing your feelings, thoughts and behaviour. We work with you to identify the best treatment you need.  

So, if you feel you may want to have a chat, contact us for a consultation, where we can discuss what type of treatment we can provide and how this can help you overcome the problems you are experiencing. 

Types of Therapy

My approach is Integrative which means I use a variety of different therapeutic approaches such as; Person Centred, Psychodynamic, CBT, Existential, Gestalt and Creative.

Who I work with

I work with Adults, Children, Couples, Family, trainee and organisations. 

What can I help with

​Anxiety, depression, Trauma, Sexual/Physical abuse, Loss, Self harm, Suicidal thoughts, Pain and Illness, Relationship challenges, Confidence